I would be in the middle of writing the most important part of the entire book, but then a child would scream “Mom“, there’d be a knock on the door, or the phone would ring. Let’s face it, life is a distraction.
How are you suppose to finish that world-renown novel when the television is blaring in the background?
When my girls were a little younger, I locked myself in a room to write. Sounds like the problem was solved, right? Wrong. It just made them more determined to get my attention. I decided to let the world around me stay as is — noisy. I needed to work on my perception and concentration. I learned to filter though and drown out the unimportant sounds. It wasn’t easy to achieve, but I managed it.
It might not work for everyone. Some may need absolute silence. But it’s worth a try.
Good luck
Take care, my friends 🙂

Excessively Writing





Have you ever sat down to a buffet or unbelievable amount of food and then overate? You may ask yourself: “Why did I eat SO much?”


The sad truth is stories with an excessive amount of details can lose a person’s interest.
Some authors (especially new writers) fatten-up on descriptions, trail-off with thoughts or ideas, and add unnecessary information about characters. A boring storyline makes dull reading.


I love monster-themed books, movies, and television shows. Since I was a child, my family gathered around and watched Friday night ‘Creature Features’ –usually classic monster movies. Currently, I am watching the TV show The Strain. The first few episodes kept me engaged, but then the unnecessary details, which have nothing to do with the story, began suffocating my interest. The nonessential fillers don’t develop the backbone of the story much. Even though it crawls forward, I remain hopeful it will pick-up. If not, I’ll find something else.


As writers, it is good to reread our work in a realistic manner. Ask yourself some questions:


                                                       Does it keep the reader excited?
                                                       Is there room for improvement?
                                                       Do the extras have anything to do with the story?
                                                       Can some unnecessary details be subtracted?


The last question should be the one to really consider. During the writing process, I have inserted scenes that have no importance to the progression of the story, added characteristics to characters that aren’t necessary, and trailed off into a different directions. But don’t fret about the editing until you have finished your project first.


Good luck.


Take care, my friends. 🙂