Where I’m at Wednesday


Ugh! I am still editing/rewriting my novel. It was supposed to be done last month. Why. . .oh. . .why am I still dragging my feet with this one?


I could make a million excuses as to why I haven’t finished. But the truth of the matter is. . .I am the BIGGEST procrastinator [PERIOD]


Plus, I have a hefty addiction to the Internet, especially Facebook. I’m sure—by now—I could have written 10 novels if only I stayed off social media.


Am I alone on this?



I must keep plugging along and stop checking. But then, I find myself back on there looking at STUPID stuff. I stayed up almost an entire night Googling ‘Serial Killers in History’. Why? I don’t know. It was interesting though—highly irrelevant to my story or anything else, really. Do you do this too? Or am I just weird? Well. . .I have already accepted the second question as factual. Hahaha!


Let me know in the comments below.

Take care, my friends.