Yup! It’s “Where I’m at” Wednesday again.

Last week, I finished chapter 14, and started researching for the next chapter. Research becomes so time-consuming, considering all that is entailed.
I did manage to start chapter 15 with a BANG –not literary, but it’s coming along. I’m eager to introduce you to a new character- a funny, Irish bloke. Although, I’m not quite sure if he’ll come along for the journey. At first, he isn’t a willing participant, however, under the circumstances what else can he do?
In this chapter, there are a lot of sights to see, people to meet (Jenene- contest winner), and proceed to the next doorway. I don’t know how long the book will be; I’ve never written anything with a set chapter count, or page number in mind. I write until I don’t have any more to say on the subject. At this point, I know it’ll be longer than the first- 26 chapters, 190pgs, and 45,000+words. I’m not a wordy writer, but a details person.
Stay tuned for more insight into The Omphalos of Delphi. I have included encouraging words for aspiring writers.
If you’ve never written a novel, and are considering the task. I will inform you of the INS & OUTS of doing so:
1st Write: You know that short story, blog, or novel in your head waiting to come out? Well, it isn’t going to write itself. Do it!
2nd Find time to write: In my writers group, we have a “9 Minutes per Day” calendar. You can always find just nine minutes in each day: early in the morning before work/school, at lunch, or after putting the kids to bed. Whenever you write those nine minutes put an X on that day. The longer you go without breaking the pattern; you’ll have established a habit.
3rd Join a writing group: Believe it or not, there are SO many resources on the internet, and in your city. If you Google “writing [writers] groups” in your area, I can guarantee something will pop up, (unless you live in a tiny-fly-speck-town or in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere). You are bound to find people –like you –who enjoy writing.
My first advice to new-writers is: “get it on paper”. Too many people [writers] I know try to edit as they write. You have all the time in the world, (or so people think) to go back insert more details, edit, and reread over, and over, and over. Believe me, by the time it is ready to print; you are SO sick of looking at the manuscript.
Don’t get discouraged. I had a difficult time finding anyone willing to read my work. I almost gave up a few times along the way. Finally, I decided to join a group, and found encouraging people who desired to read and share stories. We thrived off each other! Also, –just to let you know, people will come along and try knocking you down. This is because of several things going on in their own personal lives, jealously, or they have nothing better to do. Please don’t let that hinder your passion. Eventually, they will stop, get a life, and leave you alone.
Lastly, don’t dream about the sales and movie rights yet. Even though it is encouraging, you still have a long way to go before getting carried away. Sometimes, the “Dream Big” fantasy can become distracting. Stay focused on your story, plot, character developments, research, descriptions, beginnings and endings. Don’t get sidetracked too soon; a lot of writers abandon their work and never complete anything.
Good luck!
Questions/comments? Feel free to post –I will respond in a timely manner. Or, email me: hsquires9597@yahoo.com