Where I’m at Wednesday April 9, 2014

So far this week, I’ve been too busy going through the editor’s notes and fixing suggested problems. I have not written anything on The Omphalos of Delphi. Just because your book goes to the editor, it doesn’t mean your work is finished. Although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I still have a long way before the book is completed. My first eye-opening experience was with The Sphere’s completion. Writing the book was the easy part, it’s the rewrites, editing, and assembling the manuscript for the publisher is what’s takes so long. By the time you get the finished product, you’re releaved it’s over! I’m getting there.




Several people, revealing their ideas about books or stories, have approached me. Their concepts usually based on movies or books, but in a twist of their own opinion, have taken a plot—maintaining the backbone of the story—changing names, characters, or places, but kept the story line similar.
Fanfiction is HUGE right now. Many popular fanfiction books are flying off bookstore shelves at record amounts. One of the most popular is: Fifty Shades of Grey by: E L James. James openly admitted she gained the concept from the Twilight series. A twisted, more adult themed story than the Edward & Bella vampire tale, beating out J K Rowling’s UK Amazon sales in 2012.
Another huge selling fanfiction book is The Mortal Instruments series by: Cassandra Clare. The books are based on Harry Potter, and many of the characters share similar attributes.
Even though fanfiction is gaining in popularity, not all well-known authors embrace their ideas being borrowed. Ann Rice has a strict label on her characters—mostly from Interview with a Vampire and its sequels The Vampire Chronicles. Some authors, however, say they are flattered by it.
Personally, I think if you add a unique twist and/or flavorful characters to the spine of a major bestseller—I wish you the best of luck. Although, if you do not have a creative bone in your body, but to steal someone else’s ideas without adding your own flare, then you need to find another hobby because fanfiction should not resemble plagiarism.
Take care my friends.