Needing Help

Help key



You might have had the best idea for a book, short story, or article. And then, when sitting down to write it, you hit a roadblock. During some point or another, every writer comes to an obstacle in the development of a story.


If you have reached a snag, you can always ask others for input.
However, we—writers—do not like to petition for help. I’ll be the first to admit we can be [rather] possessive, especially when it comes to our creation. We hold onto it tightly, and become paranoid that someone will steal the concept. Trust me, not everyone is out to get you, and run away with your ideas.


Open-up to family, friends, or writing group and share your troubles. Getting other’s feedback can be valuable. They offer fresh thoughts, give a different perspective, or envision a way out.
Asking for assistance does not discredit your talent; you still have to write the story.


Think about it:


Pixar’s creative genius brought us amazing movies such as: Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, etc. In the DVD extras, you will notice the staff collaborate together, build a storyboard of scenes, and decide which sections become part of the finished product. They combine forces, and concoct those brilliant movies.


You are not a failure if you get someone else’s thoughts or ideas. Most of the time, friends, family or fellow writers offer advice freely and happily. In a way, it’s similar when building or naming characters after someone you know. Besides, you can always thank them at the end of your finished novel.


Keep writing.


Take care, my friends. 🙂