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In this sequel to The Sphere of Archimedes, nine-year-old Oliver Abernathy and his family are trapped within one of the eight Diadems—and waiting for Donovan’s return.

For the adventurers traveling through the icy terrain of Greenland, the Scottish lowlands, and caves of Poland, otherworldly creatures are not the only problem, but new enemies, who amplify evil.

The sphere possesses unimaginable power seen throughout history. Unlocking that mystery may prove more deadly than before. Follow along as the heroes solve The Omphalos of Delphi.

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book coverProfessor Donovan Spiegler, and nine-year-old Oliver Abernathy have no warning that their seemingly routine lives will free-fall into danger and adventure in this sci-fi thriller: THE SPHERE OF ARCHIMEDES

Oliver, a chubby, freckle-faced boy, is surviving a mundane school-life as the helpless victim of a bully, Dylan Parker.

The Professor, and his assistant, Cedrick Wilhelm, are researching a mysterious metallic orb when Cedrick goes missing, and so does the orb.

On a trip to the Grand Canyon with his family, Oliver discovers a metallic sphere that has special powers. His boyish curiosity builds as he tests the abilities and hazards the orb possesses. He learns the alarming side of the orb when Dylan Parker, the bully, opens it, and is vaporized—or so Oliver believes.

A group of threatening men turn up at Professor Spiegler’s class; at knife point, they demand he relinquish the orb, and show them how to release its powers. In an attempt to flee, the Professor inadvertently leads the mobsters straight to Oliver Abernathy and his family.

In the thrilling adventure that follows, the characters discover the need to work together in order to stay alive. The Professor and the Abernathys encounter other worlds, and meet deadly enemies. Their survival is hinged on solving THE SPHERE OF ARCHIMEDES.


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