Where I’m at Wednesday

Hello everyone,

I found this video very encouraging. It sheds light on something we all do, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Making comparisons to others who are more successful is not only unhealthy, but it’s unfair to ourselves.

It’s okay to have dreams and goals; however, becoming envious—to the point of dissatisfaction with life–can lead down the path of

giving up.

Stay focused on your path and not someone else’s.


Take care, my friends 😉

Grammar it up!


Grammar can be an Achilles’ heel to many writers.

With today’s technology some programs aid in problematic areas; however, it is wise to understand the proper usages.

I will provide some awesome websites, so you can brush-up on those difficult areas.


My good friend & editor has an amazing website which offers writers a variety of helpful tips:




I have also included other websites that will help you Grammar it up!  


Writing Forward


Guide to Grammar and Writing


Grammar Book




Purdue Online Writing Lab


Grammar Blog


Lousy Writer


Daily Grammar


Chicago Manual Of Style


Grammar Girl


Dr. Grammar


Grammar Bytes


I hope these help you.

Take care, my friends. 🙂

99¢ Kindle Books

Hello everyone,

All my Kindle books are now only .99.

Also, I’d super appreciate  your feedback. Let me know what you think.

Thank you 🙂

Take care, my friends!

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Self Doubt

Self Doubt


You’re not good enough.

                                           The story sucks.

                                                                              No one will ever read it.

You might as well give up.

                                                     You’re not qualified.


For years, I have heard these whispers in my ears and many . . .many . . .more.

Self-doubt can be the killer of ideas, the defeater of goals, and vanquisher of dreams. We all suffer from it.

If you Google: “Famous people suffering with doubt”, you’d be amazed how many actors, writers, artist, and politicians suffer with it on a day-to-day basis.

After extensive research on the subject from tipsters to psychologists, self-doubt is a REAL issue that needs to be identified and stamped out.

As human beings we naturally gravitate toward negativity. It somehow makes sense to us. Let’s face it; the world can be a negative place. Watch the news for ten minutes! Our minds will remember the bad stuff over the good.

Why? I don’t know . . .we just do.

In dealing with self-doubt, you need to take control before it controls you.

First off, identify your doubt or insecurities. For every negative message you hear, try countering it with something positive. Recently, I read an article about a young actor, who wrote inspiring messages to himself on sticky-notes, then plastered them on a wall. Anytime he felt insecure or doubt, he’d read each, uplifting message.

My own vortex of self-doubt whirled me into believing that my story wasn’t good. I am glad to say, it has never stopped me from writing. Although, I will admit, I was ashamed of my first novel. It went from the printer, to a box, and never moved. Last year, I dug it out, and read the entire 90,000+word novel in one night. I thought: Hey, it’s not that bad!

If you struggle with self-doubt, you are not alone. But, please don’t give up. Your decision(s) can either compel you further, or cause a lifetime of regret.

Take care my friends 🙂

Sedona Book & Arts Festival

Come and join the fun in Arizona!

I will be selling & signing books.


Sedona Book & Arts Festival September 9-11, 2016

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99¢ Kindle


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OoD book cover


In this sequel to The Sphere of Archimedes, nine-year-old Oliver Abernathy and his family are trapped within one of the eight Diadems—and waiting for Donovan’s return.

For the adventurers traveling through the icy terrain of Greenland, the Scottish lowlands, and caves of Poland, otherworldly creatures are not the only problem, but new enemies, who amplify evil.

The sphere possesses unimaginable power seen throughout history. Unlocking that mystery may prove more deadly than before. Follow along as the heroes solve The Omphalos of Delphi.

99¢ Kindle



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book coverProfessor Donovan Spiegler, and nine-year-old Oliver Abernathy have no warning that their seemingly routine lives will free-fall into danger and adventure in this sci-fi thriller: THE SPHERE OF ARCHIMEDES

Oliver, a chubby, freckle-faced boy, is surviving a mundane school-life as the helpless victim of a bully, Dylan Parker.

The Professor, and his assistant, Cedrick Wilhelm, are researching a mysterious metallic orb when Cedrick goes missing, and so does the orb.

On a trip to the Grand Canyon with his family, Oliver discovers a metallic sphere that has special powers. His boyish curiosity builds as he tests the abilities and hazards the orb possesses. He learns the alarming side of the orb when Dylan Parker, the bully, opens it, and is vaporized—or so Oliver believes.

A group of threatening men turn up at Professor Spiegler’s class; at knife point, they demand he relinquish the orb, and show them how to release its powers. In an attempt to flee, the Professor inadvertently leads the mobsters straight to Oliver Abernathy and his family.

In the thrilling adventure that follows, the characters discover the need to work together in order to stay alive. The Professor and the Abernathys encounter other worlds, and meet deadly enemies. Their survival is hinged on solving THE SPHERE OF ARCHIMEDES.


99¢ Kindle

ROGUE is currently 99¢ on Kindle!

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ROGUE poster

Upon hearing a rumor of a twelve-year-old girl, who had killed a lion with her bare hands, Dr. Elizabeth Stanton feels compelled to investigate the elusive Samburu tribe in Kenya’s Rift Valley.
In 1909, after establishing that she and her guide are no threat, Elizabeth is escorted into a mud hut, where the injured girl, Kito, awaits. Later, the doctor uncovers the events that led to the tribe’s situation—a terrible drought and rinderpest have devastated the landscape, while a rogue male lion has attached itself to the tribe as a food source. The warriors’ attempts to kill the lion have all been futile.
With dreams and visions of successfully defeating this foe, Kito is reluctant to embrace her destiny. . .until the mane of death steals someone close to her.

samburu 2

99¢ Kindle SPECIAL


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book coverOoD book coverRogue book cover

My Journeys in Writing

When I started researching different tribes in Africa, to fit the narrative of ROGUE, I fell in love with the semi-nomadic Samburu people. They live in the upper northwest region in Kenya.







During that moment in time, finding information pertaining to ceremonies, traditions, or everyday life of the Samburu was not easy. I scoured most resources on the internet, but became unsatisfied since they did not answer my questions. It wasn’t until I found a thin paperback (recommended by the Smithsonian Institute) written by a man, who lived with them for 15 years, I finally got the answers I needed.

Of course, not everything is factually accurate. I had to use other tribe’s customs whenever I could not find certain details. A lot of research went into writing ROGUE.

My new journey

Now, I am researching the Inuit people, who live in the upper-northern hemisphere.



This book will be more difficult than writing ROGUE.

Even though I have never been to Africa, I do share a commonality—desert life.  In writing FRIGID, I must mentally  live  in freezing temperatures, visualize the endless cascades of white, and imagine how to survive in harsh conditions, all while living in Phoenix, Arizona during the summertime. 

Hey, it’s a cool 110° this week!


It will be challenging, exhausting, yet fascinating. As I study about the people and land, I develop a profound appreciation and admiration.

I hope you enjoy my footsteps.👣

I would love to learn about your journeys too. Feel free to drop me a comment below, or email me at: hsquires9597@yahoo.com

Take care, my friends.😊