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Writing Prompts



Writing Prompts

Some of us need a kick-start or fresh approach. Writing prompts can get creative juices flowing. They stimulate imagination, build writing techniques, and help tackle bigger projects. Or, if you have writer’s block, prompts may help resolve issues.
Prompts are usually used in classes or writer’s groups as an educational tool, to expand the thinking processes, and to lighten the atmosphere. Participants are instructed to write a short story by using a visual aid, an incomplete sentence, or a suggestive situation.
I heard some funny stories during writing exercises. The leader would read a phrase like: “My most embarrassing moment was. . .”.  We were then instructed to mull-over ideas for two minutes, and given an additional two minutes to write it down. Everyone would read their personal or fictitious stories out loud. It gave me an appreciation for their unique talent and humor.
Give it a try! It’ll keep your mind fresh.
Think of it as brain-bubblegum. 😂
Take care, my friends.