My Journeys in Writing

When I started researching different tribes in Africa, to fit the narrative of ROGUE, I fell in love with the semi-nomadic Samburu people. They live in the upper northwest region in Kenya.







During that moment in time, finding information pertaining to ceremonies, traditions, or everyday life of the Samburu was not easy. I scoured most resources on the internet, but became unsatisfied since they did not answer my questions. It wasn’t until I found a thin paperback (recommended by the Smithsonian Institute) written by a man, who lived with them for 15 years, I finally got the answers I needed.

Of course, not everything is factually accurate. I had to use other tribe’s customs whenever I could not find certain details. A lot of research went into writing ROGUE.

My new journey

Now, I am researching the Inuit people, who live in the upper-northern hemisphere.



This book will be more difficult than writing ROGUE.

Even though I have never been to Africa, I do share a commonality—desert life.  In writing FRIGID, I must mentally  live  in freezing temperatures, visualize the endless cascades of white, and imagine how to survive in harsh conditions, all while living in Phoenix, Arizona during the summertime. 

Hey, it’s a cool 110° this week!


It will be challenging, exhausting, yet fascinating. As I study about the people and land, I develop a profound appreciation and admiration.

I hope you enjoy my footsteps.👣

I would love to learn about your journeys too. Feel free to drop me a comment below, or email me at:

Take care, my friends.😊