Where I’m at Wednesday

It’s official! I have worked a full week, editing and rewriting my manuscript. Yes, I cried a few times, whined at my editor, and gone into complete meltdown not thinking I will finish on time. However, I am here to say I haven’t given up. As a matter of fact, yesterday was a good day. I walked away feeling satisfied.


Sadly, I had to omit a huge part of the book. The many hours of research and writing felt wasted. Even though, it added more to the story the end result was unsatisfactory. With no way around it, I decided to take it completely out.

It hurts. But, I have less guilt. I won’t have to kill or abandon factious dogs now. Phew!

I don’t need that on my conscious. Nor, do I need angry readers.

Besides, my writing buddies might not like it either! 


Take care, my friends. 😉