Love Thy Editor



Love Thy Editor- a writer’s commandment.


This advice is crucial.


A good editor is worth their weight in gold. Seriously! You should kiss their feet, lavish him or her with gifts, and cherish them dearly.


Good editors offer sound advice, point out inconsistencies, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. But they, most importantly, push you toward a higher potential.


When making corrections, they give a thorough explanation from which you can learn. They compliment your strengths, guide you through your weaknesses, and do not hesitate to tell you where you need help.


A good editor wants to prevent you from making the same mistakes.


Sometimes their advice can be upsetting, especially when rewrites are necessary, however, they will nurture you through the process, and be sensitive to your work.


I have heard horror stories of rogue editors changing-up the story, complaining about word selections, deducting important subject matter, and nitpicking the author’s choice of character names. These aren’t what an editor does. If they are too opinionated about your work that has nothing to do with their job, you should consider finding a different editor.


If you’re lucky enough to find an awesome editor take him or her out to lunch or grab their favorite beverage. After all, they are your greatest allies.


Take care, my friends.




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