I Challenge You

. . .to Read

old books

Have you ever picked up a classic novel out of curiosity? At first, you thought it would be boring and/or stupid. But once you started understanding the content, it became impossible to set down. I felt this way on numerous occasions, and have yet to be disappointed.


Shakespeare was very difficult for me to understand. In the beginning of the novel, it was like reading another language; however, after awhile words and phrases started to make sense. The story developed and the plot unfolded.
Hamlet became my all-time favorite of his stories. The history, beauty, culture, and words kept me engaged throughout the entire book. Yes, it was a sad tale—typical of Shakespeare’s work, but I’ve enjoyed reading it over and over.
As writers, we must engorge ourselves on the written feast. Words and writing styles should mold our own creativity. I believe that the more we consume, the harder we’ll try to improve our writing.


So, I challenge you to read or reread a classic novel. The words will engross you, the scenes will entice you, and you can thank me later.


Take care, my friends. 🙂

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