I would be in the middle of writing the most important part of the entire book, but then a child would scream “Mom“, there’d be a knock on the door, or the phone would ring. Let’s face it, life is a distraction.
How are you suppose to finish that world-renown novel when the television is blaring in the background?
When my girls were a little younger, I locked myself in a room to write. Sounds like the problem was solved, right? Wrong. It just made them more determined to get my attention. I decided to let the world around me stay as is — noisy. I needed to work on my perception and concentration. I learned to filter though and drown out the unimportant sounds. It wasn’t easy to achieve, but I managed it.
It might not work for everyone. Some may need absolute silence. But it’s worth a try.
Good luck
Take care, my friends 🙂

3 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. As a recently published author of two books, I relate totally 🙂 On my third book, I just have to work with the ruddy cat, miawing off his head for my attention lol. Or I shove him out the door to go frolic in the garden, which only works for a little while until he starts screaming again to come back in. Oh, boy….

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