I would be in the middle of writing the most important part of the entire book, but then a child would scream “Mom“, there’d be a knock on the door, or the phone would ring. Let’s face it, life is a distraction.
How are you suppose to finish that world-renown novel when the television is blaring in the background?
When my girls were a little younger, I locked myself in a room to write. Sounds like the problem was solved, right? Wrong. It just made them more determined to get my attention. I decided to let the world around me stay as is — noisy. I needed to work on my perception and concentration. I learned to filter though and drown out the unimportant sounds. It wasn’t easy to achieve, but I managed it.
It might not work for everyone. Some may need absolute silence. But it’s worth a try.
Good luck
Take care, my friends 🙂

Scissor Words



Scissor words are overused words which can be eliminated. Here are some helpful tips:



1. “To be” verbs: is, are, am, was, were, be, being, been.


          Try reworking your sentences, and cut back on using them. You cannot wholly avoid “to be” verbs, but limit their usage.


2. “That” can be overused within a sentence. Take out some in your story; it may make the sentences flow better.


3. Just, like, & as are used for emphasis or comparison. But, they can turn into writing crutches.


4. “ly” adverbs are lackluster descriptive words. Even though there are some situations you cannot avoid using adverbs. Do not go overboard. Using “ly” adverbs too much will weaken the story. Use other descriptive words to strengthen it.


5. Now means: NOW. It’s an immediate response. If you choose to use it, avoid placing now at the beginning of the sentence.

                                     Now we can go.

                                    We can go now.


Don’t worry about following these steps until after you’ve finished your work. If you edit in the middle of writing, you will only get frustrated. I usually print a chapter off at a time and then rework it. Once you start looking for specific words, they will stand out. 
Good luck.
Take care, my friends 🙂