Who am I?

Where I’m at Wednesday

I am going out of town this week, and hopefully I will finish The Omphalos of Delphi. I won’t promise anything because I will, most likely, get distracted by the beckoning wilderness that needs exploring. Sometimes the change in scenery helps me to clear my head. Let’s hope that is the case. 🙂


Recently, a friend suggested that I should connect with my readers on a more personal level. She said: “Giving advice is great, but you need to let people know who YOU really are.”
I know she’s right, but talking about “me” isn’t one of my strongest abilities.


I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the age of 10, my mother got a job transfer to Phoenix, Arizona. I left my friends and grandparents behind, and thought our move would be an adventure. Little did I know, I would be saying goodbye to more than just family. I would be saying goodbye to changing of seasons, more specifically, snow. Ahhh—-snow. . . Wait, that’s the white stuff, right?


Adjusting to new people and surroundings is difficult for adults, but (I believe) it is 100 times worse for children. Let’s face it, kids can be cruel, especially if you don’t fit in.
I wasn’t welcomed with the warmest of receptions. The following year, I made my first friend, but it didn’t stop the ridicule. I gave up on school, stopped doing homework assignments, and eventually was held back a year.
It’s okay. I look back on it now as a blessing more than a curse.


The following year, I had new friends, and did better in school. I started to care again. Then I got a puppy, and set to training her. In 1984, I was in the local newspaper, riding a bicycle with my dog. Check it out:

Newspaper article


Funny, huh?


I went on to high school feeling more confident.


At the end of my sophomore year, I met my future husband. I tell people:  “I had a crush on him at 15, dated him at 16, and married him at 19”.


For 27 years, we’ve been through trial-some journeys together, but also the funniest moments. Eventually, I will write the story of our honeymoon, or what we laughingly refer to as: “The Honeymoon from Hell”.  It is the symbol of humor that followed us throughout our lives together.


We were married for five years before we had our first daughter. Honestly, I had NO experience with children let alone a baby. My husband and mother helped the first week after she was born, but on the second week they had to go back to work, leaving me alone with THE BABY. I was terrified!


Eighteen months later, we welcomed our second daughter. I got the hang of this kid thing, but that doesn’t mean I want people to randomly hand me their babies because they still scare me. The two girls were so close in age and appearance, we were constantly asked if they were twins.
Today, I am proud to report we survived! My husband and I are closer now, and look forward to whatever may come our way.


I am a wife, mother, writer, homeschooling parent, homemaker, and blogger.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Take care, my friends.

. . . Challenged Your Originality



True originality



Recently, I went to see the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy. It was awesome!


Although in the movie, there was a part that bore a likeness to the orb in my story. At first, it made my heart sink; however, I concluded our stories were not the same.


This has happened to me on several occasions—movies, television shows or books having similar concepts to mine. I am sure it has happened to you too.


Some of us hide our stories away, thinking others will assume we copied them.


In the past, I critically compared my work to other stories. It caused me to wonder if I could ever be taken seriously. But, friends and family members notated the variations and the originality of my stories, which convinced me to continue.


Before you discredit your work take into consideration we all share similar creativeness, but then our stories grow in different directions or have nothing else in common. Don’t let it stop you from writing. Don’t let it discourage you.


Your unique originality is yours. Own it!


Take care, my friends. 🙂