Realistic Expectations

I am working on the last chapters of The Omphalos of Delphi. I might not make the deadline for an October release. Even though this news is bothersome, it seems more practical to perfect the book. I don’t want to be rushed, then wind-up unhappy with the finished product. With all the research involved, I am surprised I got most of the book done. I will continue to post my whereabouts on the book, and also update the launch date.
Thanks for your support.






Realistic Expectations

When writing a book, everyone is guilty of fanaticizing about high sales, worldwide notoriety, and even certain actors casted for the movie. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. However, once the book is finished, those fantasies can turn into expectations.
I’ll admit that I too have done it. After The Sphere of Archimedes was published, I anticipated reaping a bountiful harvest. My problem? My expectations were too high. It takes a while to build an audience, gain readership, and grow as a writer. The sales weren’t over the top like I hoped. It did generate money, but not enough to make a living.


It’s not ridiculous to think of fame and fortune. There are many published authors who were successful with their first novel. So, it can be obtained.


The point I’m trying to make is: be practical. Don’t dream so large that you see stars. If you do, and that dream doesn’t become a reality, you might have a hard fall. It could discourage you to never write again.


Take care, my friends 🙂

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