Where I’m at Wednesday


UGH! Over the last few weeks, I have struggled in researching the back story. The Omphalos of Delphi dabbles in Greek  and Assyrian mythology. Even though I love learning , I am drowning in all the facts and history. The time-consuming  research can take an entire day or several days to complete, depending on how deep I need to go.
I am working to make the deadline by August, then send the manuscript to the editor. So far, the book release date is October 17, 2014. I hope I can make it on time. If not, then I will have a spring release instead.






I love this picture. Sometimes, I feel I NEED a shark to boost my motivation. Staying focused is a constant struggle for me
Here are some tips to stay motivated:


Write out a schedule of when , where, and how long to write. STICK TO IT. Try to look at it as a  job.


Set a deadline
Deadlines don’t necessarily have to be the entire manuscript. You can do a chapter-by-chapter deadline, either for the day or week. Make it an obtainable goal so you don’t burn  out.


Remove Distractions
Believe me, I know distractions. I wrote three books with kids & pets running around, phones ringing, televisions blaring, and a demanding full-time job. You won’t be able to eliminate all distractions, but do whatever you can to minimize the noise and stress.


Friend accountability
Have a friend hold you accountable. You can arrange for them to call daily to guarantee that you are working. Also, let your friend know if you are struggling; they may give you  encouragement or have helpful advice.


I wish you the best of luck.
Take care, my friends 🙂



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