Self Doubt

Where I’m at Wednesday June 4, 2014

I am still plugging away simultaneously on chapters 23, 24, and 25 . Now that it’s June, panic has become a reality. A flame under my britches might get things moving faster! But, I must keep calm and stay focused.
Will people be upset with me if I don’t finish on time? J.K. Rowling took two years in between each novel. LOL!  No worries. . . I’ll finish. 🙂





Self Doubt



You’re not good enough.

                                                     The story sucks.

                                                                                         No one will ever read it.

You might as well give up.

                                                     You’re not qualified.


For years, I have heard these whispers in my ears and many many more.
Self-doubt can be the killer of ideas, the defeater of goals, and vanquisher of dreams. We all suffer from it. If you Google: “Famous people suffering with self-doubt”, you’d be amazed how many actors, writers, artist, and politicians suffer with it on a day-to-day basis.
After extensive research on the subject from tipsters to psychologists, self-doubt is a REAL issue that needs to be identified and stamped out.
As human beings we naturally lean toward the negative; somehow it makes sense to us. Let’s face it, the world can be a negative place—just turn on the news and watch it for ten minutes. Our minds tend to remember the bad stuff verses the good. Why? I don’t know. We just do.
In dealing with self-doubt you need to take control before it controls you.
First off, identify your doubt or insecurities. For every negative message you hear, try countering it with something positive. Recently, I read an article about a young actor who wrote inspiring messages to himself on sticky-notes. Then he plastered them to a wall. Anytime he’d feel insecure or doubt, he would read each sticky-note.
My own vortex of self-doubt whirled me into believing my story was no good. I am glad to say that it never stopped me from writing; in fact it compelled me to finish each book. I was ashamed of my first novel, thinking it was horrible. That’s why it went from printer to box, and never moved. Last year, I dug it out and read the entire 100,000-word novel in one night. I thought, Hey, it’s not that bad.”
If you struggle with self-doubt, you are not alone. But please don’t surrender to it and give up. Your decisions now can compel you further, or cause a lifetime of regret
Take care my friends



3 thoughts on “Self Doubt

  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading through your posts. This one especially struck a chord with me. I’ve been a bit of a closet perfectionist my whole life, but it’s only when I really let go, ignore those voices, and just…be….that I can truly unleash my potential. I think it’s probably the same for everyone, and I’m so glad you wrote about it here!

    • Thank you KatiB for your feedback; it means a lot.
      I write about my own struggles hoping to help others with the same issues. I’m glad that you found this post so helpful. Self Doubt is an obstruction for us all. Keep plugging along and don’t let the voices convince you to stop. 😉

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