Balancing too many ideas at once

Where I’m at Wednesday May 21, 2014

I am nimbly, frantically, drudgingly working. Day by day, I add a little more to the story. Researching for the next location, I think Jaskinia Raj, Poland might be the next venue. I haven’t settled on it though; it’s in the raw stage of research. As for now, my characters are headed to London, and then on to Ireland. I’m hoping to wrap up the conflicts and climax soon. As things are coming to me, I think it’ll be a faster pace from here on out.
On a different note, I was delighted to finally share some of my research of Roman Emperors. Tracing the Omphalos down throughout history has been challenging, but very worth it. So far, I’ve researched a sphere to King Darius I in Babylon, but other connections have brought it to the Sumerians. Like I said, this book will be the death of me in research alone.





Balancing too many ideas at once

Have you ever been in the middle of one project, and then get a brilliant idea for another? I have done that on several occasions.
In the middle of writing my first novel, I got an idea for the second. The same thing happened again while writing the second novel. My best advice is not to give up on your current project to write the next, but take as many detailed notes as you can. Write an outline, draw a time line, or scribble down the facts in a notebook. That way, after you’ve finished one project, you’ll have the backbone for the next. If you drop your current task to start another, then most likely you will never finish. Sometimes our creativity can be overwhelming. An over abundance of ideas can produce stumbling blocks. Remain focused on the one you’re working on, and DON’T stop.
Take care my friends. 🙂
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