Where I’m at Wednesday May 14, 2014

I am well into chapter 23, and trying to hurry along. I NEED to finish this book by August; that will give me enough time for edits and corrections before sending it off to the publisher.
J.D. Scott & I will launch our books together again this year. I am also happy to announce that Benjamin Phillips will be launching his first novel with us. Welcome Benjamin to “published author” status. Yay!!!
We decided that the launch will take place in October, but the date is still being negotiated–I don’t want to mention specifics until we know for sure.






-is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created such as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc.


Our creativity flows best from the world around us. Understanding  places or people brings the story closer to life. You can use nature as a prime example. Have you ever stepped outside and your eyes become transfixed on the scenery? In my head, I try describing the panorama using words to illustrate the images. It helps my mind to absorb the magnificence.
Take clouds for example:

* * *

Words like: wispy, breezy, scattered, thin, dotted, stretched. . .





Billowy, amazing, wondrous, dark, puffy, thunderous, mysterious. . .




Heavenly, happy, beautiful, glorious, peaceful, solemn. . .



Frightful, ominous, oppressive, dread, catastrophic, looming, terrifying, horrendous, grim. . .





A good friend and author asked me the other day if our creativity can end. I don’t think so. For as long as we dream dreams, and enjoy the splendor around us, our creativity will never cease. Artists, writers , and inventors have profound imaginations. Don’t listen to the negativity in your head to discourage your brilliance to craft ideas or images.
Take care my friends




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