Be HAPPY with what you write

Where I’m at Wednesday April 30, 2014

This book is really testing my patience. I didn’t realize how much pressure there would be by starting a book series. I know pinnacle features of the entire story; however, it’s taking more time to concoct the “fillers”—in between, such as dialogue, traveling, history, and research. It will need a lot of work, but that won’t be until AFTER I’m done. For now, I must concentrate on finishing the book, and then I’ll go back to work on cleaning it up.
The good news is that I finished chapter 21. Yay!!







Be HAPPY with what you write.


Over several years, I have completed three books, and am working on the fourth. Whenever I sit down to write, my mind escapes reality and watches a movie in my head. Not literary but that’s the best way to describe how I write. Eventually, I go back to reread what was written. If I enjoy the flow and intricate details of the story, then I will expand on the narrative. However, if the writing seems blasé or I do not like the direction the story is going. . . DELETE! It has happened on several occasions that I’ve erased entire sections because it was taking my characters in a different direction, or the storyline sucked.
You must enjoy your story. It isn’t about writing anything down and expecting everyone to like what you wrote. It must “WOW” you too.

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