Where I’m at Wednesday March 19, 2014

Getting back into the swing of things

I am officially writing The Omphalos of Delphi again. It has not been easy going from the anxiety of editing to calm, creative story building. But now, I have a fresh mind. Sometimes it helps to step away for a short while. I can clear my head, or come up with different scenarios during intermission. Hopefully, it won’t take long completing The Omphalos. Then I’ll have to reread and edit it before the manuscript goes to the editor. It is suppose to be released sometime this fall.




Deadlines SUCK [period] There is nothing that gets your blood flowing more than closing-in on a deadline, and you’re no where near completion. I hate the long hours, the mind-boggling stress, and amount of concentration a project entails; however, I do enjoy having a deadline. When I have an exact timeframe, it persuades me to work harder and faster. I’ll admit that I procrastinate a lot, but it ignites a fire under my seat. So, try not to look at deadlines as a dreadful task. Let the deadline bring out the best in you.
Take care

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