Wednesday March 12, 2014

Yay!! I finished my edits. The manuscript is on its way to the editor. It’s a remarkable feeling to finish a project. A sense of accomplishment washes over you.
Soon, I will be returning to The Omphalos of Delphi. But for now, I need a break! In one night, I worked 17 hours nonstop. I literary oozed into bed during the early morning hours . Flipping my eyes across pages left me dazed and exhausted. I am glad it’s over.
Rewrites are necessary. You can’t leave everything for the editor to fix. They will hate you! Try cleaning up the grammar errors, spelling, and content. I usually read each chapter out loud. James Patterson remarked that he read to his dogs. Hearing it read helps the “flow” of the story. If you are sick of it, like me, have another person read it to you. In their voice, your project takes on another personality.


Editing, we all hate it, but it must be done!
Take care, my friends.

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