Writing Inspiration

Writing Inspiration

Some of the best ideas come from getting outside. Go on an adventure! You don’t need to be elaborate—trekking across the tundra in Alaska, but go out into the world.
If you are writing about crowds, explore new places where people gather: malls, grocery stores, or marketplaces. 
Sometimes the weather keeps us indoors, but try observing the natural aspects.
Since I’m editing my second novel, it helps to get the feel of life outside my cave.image
My second novel is based in Africa, so exploring helps make it concrete. I try to experience the energy—listen to the wind and birds, smell the earth, and touch the cool stones or damp sandy granules. 


So. . . get out there and have some fun! Enjoy writing what you see, hear, and feel.



Take care my friends.

(pictures: White Tank Mountains, Arizona)


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