Where I’m at Wednesday is going to be a quick update, due to the holiday festivities.

I had something tragic happen. Last week, I mentioned that I was working on chapter 18; however, it got sent into the world of “Never To Be Seen Again”. Yup! When I went to retrieve the chapter from off my iPad, it was gone. And iCloud didn’t back it up. So, I painstakingly had to rewrite it.

After I cleared my head of doubt and discouragement, I focused on the issues and conversations in chapter 18. The rewrite is going slower, but I think it is better.

This isn’t the first time my work was erased. In To Desecrate Man, an entire chapter was accidently deleted. I will admit that I cried. It was at the pinnacle point—the energy and heartfelt emotions gushed out of the chapter; only to be obliterated. Starting over was not easy. The overwhelming feeling to give-up compressed me. It took awhile to recoup, but then I continued.  When I finished the book, I felt so accomplished!

If you are a writer—don’t give up! We all suffer setbacks.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

Take care.inner Christmas tree


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