“Where I’m at” on The Omphalos of Delphi

I am still working in chapter 17, and am very happy with the direction it’s going. But, I will try not to get too attached, because it might change during final edits.
Recently, I started researching Copenhagen, Denmark. It is beautiful!



Even though the characters aren’t going to stay long (maybe an hour delay), I’d like to know their surroundings. Then we’re off to London! Thank goodness, I have friends and family members to help answer questions pertaining to England.



TRUE and INTERESTING FACTS about The Sphere Of Archimedes:

—Professor Donovan Spiegler is modeled after UC, Berkeley Professor Richard A. Muller, and Cary Grant’s character: Dr. Noah Praetorius in People Will Talk.
—The character “Ms. Sloth” (not her real name) was my seventh grade teacher.
—Oliver’s “shopping overload” with his mother and sister, was my experiences as a child. My mother and grandmother would take me on long trips to the mall. They spent hours and hours of sifting through racks of clothes.
—Donovan’s narrative, about being bullied, was my uncle’s story. The only difference: When my uncle went to punch his tormentor, he turned his head. Consequently, the bully was struck in the throat.
—Joshua (boy on the cover) couldn’t stop giggling for the photo shoot. When handing him the glass orb, I said: “This sphere sucks-up bullies.” It made matters worse! We had to take a few moments to compose his laughter.
—Oliver’s obnoxiousness is based on a combination of my youngest daughter and husband. My oldest daughter is the source of Amy’s character.
—Our family DOES own a tarantula.
—Gumble’s disposition is based on our dog, Boomer. Sadly, Boomer died a few weeks after I had finished the book; however his goofy, loveable-self is forever immortalized in this book.
—I have only been to the South Rim Grand Canyon once when I was 10 years old. In order to write about North Rim, I had to study the geography of the park, the trails, and stations in the area, because I’ve never been there.
—My mother had a business meeting in Flagstaff, and we stayed in the Little America Hotel™. They DO have the fattest squirrels and chipmunks I have ever seen!
—I knew the road trip from Phoenix to Wyoming was going to be long and boring, so I added many distractions from the drabness of driving.
Special thanks to Google Earth and caffeine!

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