“Where I’m at” Wednesday!

You wouldn’t believe it! I had so much stuff to do, parties to attend, and embrace for a holiday, but I still managed to find time to write. I am almost done with chapter 16. Our heroes are conversing with the Xenon. Btw, if you don’t know who/what they are—skip it or read the first book The Sphere of Archimedes.
I am trying to weave more of a “life story” around established characters. In the first book, Donovan touched on a brief moment in his childhood. In this book, I’m hoping to elaborate more about the Professor’s private life, before he got involved with the Omphalos.  Recently, I asked myself: “Would someone be looking for the Abernathys”? In this chapter, the Xenon answer some of those mysterious questions that pertain to family.
People are fun to write about, but I’m developing a fondness for fictional creatures. In a way, you have more room to do whatever you want. It’s my monster. He/she can be anything I can imagine. Fictional places, however, are more difficult for me. I’m am not sure, but being that I love details; fictional places rely strictly on my descriptions. It can get tiresome.
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Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be safe.THANKSGIVING
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I’m gonna pick up from where I left off from last week. If you don’t have the faintest inclination on what I’m talking about, but are interested –scroll down to last week’s message.

2. Self Publishing can actually be broken into three parts:

Strictly Self publishing—you hire individuals to help publish your book.
Authors front the cost & work of EVERYTHING by hiring an editor, publisher, cover designer, formatting professional. They pay for an ISBN number, printing, and marketing.
It can be done. But, if you don’t have a clear understanding on the time, money, or requirements, then I would suggest doing lots of research first. You essentially do all the work, or hire other individuals for the job. I DO know someone who chose this route, and she did a lot work to become successful.
Alternative Self publishing—is a publisher with staff already provided.
I’ve noticed more of these types of publishing houses are popping up. They usually offer: an editor, cover design, professional formatting for paperback, hardcopies, and/or eBooks. They’ll apply for an ISBN number. And, some packages even include marketing.
In all self-publishing, you will have to pay for printed paperback or hardcopies.
The difference—the Alternative provides an already “in-place” staff, publishing, and an ISBN number.
Personally, I went the alternative route, with a few moderations of my own. But, before you jump on the bandwagon, I would suggest you do some research.
 1st:  Check the publishing company’s credentials. I read the BBB’s feedback from one company, and they listed many customers’ complaints.
2nd: Attend a seminar. A lot of these Alternative Publishers have seminars. They are very informative. Usually, you can observe the speaker(s) or other clients—which brings me to the third part.
3rd:  Speak with other clients. It is very helpful to learn how they were treated during the publishing process. Are they satisfied with their product(s)?  Did they have any problems? If so, were they resolved? Would they recommend this publisher to you?
Also, take a look at their book(s). Do the covers look professional, and appeasing to the eye? Does the back cover blurb sound enticing? Check the font on the inside, and the formatting. Does it look professional?
 4th: Compare shopping. We live in an age of many choices. Check out the competition prices, and what their packages entail. There is nothing wrong with saving a dollar or two, but do so with my first suggestion in mind. Sure, it’s cheaper than the first choice, but they’ve had many complaints with the BBB or other sites. Is it worth the risk?
            These are just some examples to take into consideration.
P.O.D PublishingPrint On Demand publishing is strictly DIY.
YOU create the cover, formatting, and editing. Then upload the manuscript to a printing company. Sound simple? Yeah, but keep in mind that a lot of P.O.D authors take it upon themselves to do the editing, cover, and formatting. Some have NO idea what they are doing, so professionalism evades them. I’m not being a critic of anyone’s work, so don’t take it that way. But, in everything we [humans] do, bad examples can ruin it for everyone. If this is the route you have taken, then I deeply admire your courage and creativeness.


I hope this gives you some insight about publishing. Even though I’m not a professional on the exact INS & OUTS of publishing, I have been researching for almost 10 years on the subject.
After I finished my first novel in 2005, I was eager to learn how to publish. My first desire, of course, was traditional. But, when I started researching statistics of “getting an agent” and then the rejection letters came in, realism hit me in the face. The neat thing about being self published is I can still try to hook an agent. It has worked for many authors who normally couldn’t get their foot in the door. Take, for example: 50 Shades of Grey (no I didn’t read it, but I am interested in the author’s struggles) was originally an eBook & POD. Success stories like that give many authors hope to get recognized by an agent and major publishing house.
Next week, I’ll discuss editing & when to hire an editor.
Take care

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