Where I’m at Wednesday

So far, I’ve finished chapter 15, and I am well into chapter 16. This is going slower than anticipated. But, the important thing is I’m writing. Even though it’s VERY tempting to set it down and runaway, I would physically be hunted by the fans who demand to find out “what happens next”. I reassure –I am not that cruel or irresponsible, so I continue to plod-along.
Okay, this is where I’m at: The characters [won’t say who] are RUNNING! The bad people are coming to get them. Although things look grim, our heroes aren’t alone. They do have unnatural helpers that the bad guys won’t expect. My dilemma is—getting my “good” characters from point A to point B. Things are a little sticky, and transportation is limited. Ugh! More research. I juggled some ideas, but I need to refine the details.
A lot of the times when I write, I insert plot ideas only to revise or take out of the story altogether. What I DO love about writing—the creativeness along the journey. Usually I write with a planned direction I need to go. But, I cannot predict the changes along the way. For example: In the first book, The Sphere of Archimedes, I knew my characters needed to be driven to The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. If you have ever taken a road trip, you know how boring they can be—hours and hours watching scenery pass-by. I didn’t want my readers to get bored, because if it’s boring to the writer, than it is ten-times boring to the reader. I had to make things exciting during the long drive from Arizona to Wyoming.
In the second book, there are several [separate] action scenes going on simultaneously. Everyone you met from the first book is doing something exciting and different. Also, you’re introduced to new, evil characters that intertwine with established persons.  I will admit, with the progression of each book, the intensity amplifies. The last book (#4) will be the most difficult to write –so many obstacles for our protagonists.
Stay tuned every Wednesday for updates on “where I’m at” in The Omphalos of Delphi.


Last week, I gave advice to novice writers. This week I’ll give you some helpful resources:
Writer’s digest is chalked full of helpful tips, webinars, and classes. Even though some of the classes and webinars cost, this site offers many freebies.
 Writer’s diet—a website that helps tidy your project. As a writer, I know I can get too wordy or the opposite –not enough. Sometimes we have a habit of over-using verbs/nouns, adverbs/adjectives, or prepositions. I am guilty of it too. All you do is copy/paste a writing sample of 100-1000 words into the box, choose “Basic or Advanced”, and then click “Run the test”. You will see a detailed chart stating your strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, you want to shoot for “Fit & Trim”.
Author Nathan Bransford has very helpful tips for writing a variety of things. I often refer to his blogs.
     Wikipedia —I can’t live without this one! Most of my research is done online through Wikipedia or my own encyclopedia set.
Dictionary.com—Not only is this site useful for spelling, thesaurus, but also the enunciation of words.
These are just a few resources I could think of off the top of my head. Check out my editor’s website! She has many more helpful sites listed under “Grammar Suppliers”.
Editing Addict
Next Wednesday, I’ll talk about writing query letters and proposals. Plus, I’ll  list helpful websites.

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