It’s “Where I’m at” Wednesday!

So, I finished chapter 14 of The Omphalos of Delphi!
Now, onto chapter 15, but I’ve got to do MORE research. This book will be the death of me from the research alone! Since the beginning, I’ve had to study:  Greek & Roman history, the Arctic, breeds of sled dogs, gear, and geography. These are brief examples of my studies; I will spare you the details! But believe me, there’s a much longer description to each one. UGH! Although, I will not deny that we’re coming to the exciting parts. Oh don’t fret, the book is definitely a page-turner, but it gets downright electrifying!!


     Currently, I’m writing chapter 14: The Omphalos of Delphi. This book is going to be more exciting than the first –mostly due to not having to introduce the main characters.
     The last book left everyone hanging, (I know–I did that on purpose) but rest assuredly it’ll be worth the journey.  You will be introduced to a couple nasty characters, and not just from the Diadem.
     I must admit that I’m having difficulty with the humor. Even though Oliver maintains his cuteness, he has several death-defying adventures that have no room for “funny”. Overall, I think you’ll be pleased.  I will keep you posted each week on my progress.
Stay tuned!


Salutations My Readers!

I have something fun for you.

Currently, you can find The Sphere of Archimedes on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and my webpage Well, here it goes: If you give me positive feedback on 3 out of the 4, you will be entered into a drawing:

Winner gets both:

1 FREE Copy of The Sphere of Archimedes

1 Sneak Peak preview from the second book: The Omphalos of Delphi, ( two really good chapters too!).

Wait! There’s a second part to this.

Once you’ve been entered into the first drawing, you have a chance to win more. If you get as many likes on those websites -listed above- from friends, acquaintances, or your Uncle Louie, you have a chance to win the second part.

Second prize :

1 person will be incorporated into the second book as a minor character (I promise that I WON’T kill you off).

1 FREE Copy of The Omphalos of Delphi (after it’s released).

Sound good?

This contest starts October 5th-19th, begins at noon and ends at noon.

Good Luck!