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Heather Squires was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  
At the age of ten, Squires moved to Phoenix, Arizona, but had a difficult time adjusting. A target for bullies, she withdrew into writing short, macabre stories. In high school, after writing an epitaph assignment, the teacher noticed her abilities and urged her to join the newspaper staff. Squires wrote editorial pieces mostly about animal cruelty. 
Always an animal advocate and enthusiast, Squires hoped to become a zoologist. However, after meeting her husband, she set-aside working with animals and focused on raising a family.
Squires’s first novel TO DESECRATE MAN completed in 2005 has never been published. The second, ROGUE was finished in 2009, but she didn’t seek publication until 2016. Her third novel, THE SPHERE OF ARCHIMEDES became the first to reach book-form in 2013. Its sequel, THE OMPHALOS OF DELPHI was also released in 2016. Currently, Squires is writing IN THE HANDS OF DARIUS I, the third installment in the ‘sphere’ series, and historical fiction FRIGID, based on the Inuit people.
Squires lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two children.


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